Marquese Scott A.K.A. Nonstop

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Born in Englewood, California and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Marquese Scott originally wanted to become an architect. Engrossed in a love of art and music, Marquese studied dance artists such as street performer Flat Top and Turbo, a.k.a. Boogaloo Shrimp, famous for the movie “Breakin.” He learned from west coast popping crews, and especially the dance crew U-min, from Japan. His musical influences came from groups such as Zapp & Roger, Kraftwerk, and Afrika Bambaataa. He started dancing at the age of 12 at an area skating rink in Indianapolis.

In 1999, Marquese enlisted in the United States Navy and spent four years as a navigator on the USS Constellation, touring Hawaii, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, and the Gulf Region. During his service years, he realized that his love of dance filled every other thought and he decided to pursue a professional career in 2003 when his enlistment was over. Since then, he has continued perfecting his art by imitating the flow of nature and matter (i.e. how water flows, snow falls, and wind blows) to music. Marquese, a.k.a “Nonstop,” has become a member of Siberian Nights, Electric Ground Control, Collizion, and G-Style South before becoming a founding member of RemoteKontrol.

Outside of RemoteKontrol, Nonstop co-founded “Shut Up And Dance,” one of the hottest dance events in ATL that has dancers test their skills and musicality as they battle to music of the given genre (dubstep, g-funk, hip-hop, etc.). A YouTube star, he has uploaded videos that grabbed over a million views, one of which reached a million views in just 3 days! Within two weeks of its public access on YouTube, the video “PUMPED UP KICKS|DUBSTEP” has been featured on the front page news on, The Huffington Post, CBS News, and Yahoo! News, on, on, and on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, on which, like Chibi, Nonstop made his appearance!

  1. jessi says:

    You are an inspirartion to me marquese

  2. MARK WELLS says:


  3. TAE FREE says:


  4. dylan hedge says:

    doing report on you as famous african american inspuration, your the best dancer i know!!

  5. Denisse says:

    Hello,Scott!!! I’m Denisse from Romania. I love youre moves. You are no. one for me. I hope I can see youre next video soon. Have a wondeful day!!!!!

  6. zu ko says:

    ur so amazing man.i love dubstep because of u

  7. seth says:

    thank you for your servise and im soo speechless just typing this right now lol im a 14 year old dubstep dancer and i only dance to the song you dance to lol im so inspired by you you are amazing my dubstep name is Insanity keep it up you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. seth says:

    Does anyone else see the smile face at the bottom lol GO MARQUESE SCOTT I WATCH ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ravi Petwal says:

    Hiii sir I m from India
    And m very big fan of u
    I want to be awesome dancer lyk u in whole world I’ve navr seen these steps in other video
    Ur video and u Amaging steps sir
    I don’t learn dance classes BT I m following ur dance steps
    Plz don’t upset sir with me
    If I m follow ur steps Plz
    Bcoz I want to be awesome dancer lyk Plz say what can I do……:)

  10. MARK WELLS says:


  11. tyler patterson says:

    hey i dont know you like that but forreal im 18 ive been dancing for 3 years and the first time i ever wanted to dance was to louder with you i glide and some black guy idk lol btw im black no homo i just want to meet you one day my name is tyler patterson and i can dance your my mentor plz watch my videos so that one day i can join your remote control group if not can you teach me some more but im not like the other fans buggin i just want to meet you cuhh

  12. devion says:

    i love your moves i wish to see you someday

  13. I love your dance moves, man. Keep the peace.

  14. Sarah says:

    You are a amazing dancer and an inspiration to me!!! Keep up the great work. šŸ™‚

  15. bjorn says:

    hi marquese scott.
    I’m bjorn van Es 16 years old, I live in holland and dance nearly 5 years on dubstep.
    I learn a lot from you and try dancing often after.
    I wondered whether you want to dance to helicopter showdown play for blood. 1 time
    maybe I’ll join soon holland got talent.
    Maybe I’ll talk to you in the future for real.
    keep dancing: P

  16. pesnya says:

    have you tried to dance under more difficult to music??? I think that you will like the direction Ambient, idm.

  17. Zerrick Shore says:

    Aye I would like you to check out my YouTube video please to beat it dubstep

  18. thomas says:

    teach me how to dance

  19. Vibhor says:

    U r Awsm! I watched all ur videos but I want to know the music name on which u performed in world of dance at las vegas 2015

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