1. shaf thompson says:

    nonstop you or so good at what you do i like to do that stuff to you or so good

  2. abhijith indian says:


  3. paula jenifer says:


  4. Zoie Kernak says:

    Dewd Scott you should get into a movie n make a good one… get into the hollywood n make one!!!!

  5. Susan Ham says:


  6. Dennis Wilson says:

    Bro’ all I can say is dont ever stop doing what you love to do. I enjoy watching you dance man, some of your moves are just off the charts. Peace out.

  7. Christian says:

    scott you are my inspiration to keep inproving on my own dance moves just like you i also want to be a achitict when i graduate collage ofcorce were both differanct ages im 16 but me and you are almost did the same during child hood im doing dub, wating other crews and i was born in cali to but in Sacramento will just wanna say good job nice moves never stop, never will stop, and never will stop keep doing what your doing!

  8. donna says:

    well what can i say, marquese i totally enjoy watching you. so far “higher” is my favorite, i just caught the michael jackson salute fantastic. i have to say it is a turn on to watch

  9. Shubham sharma says:

    I am a big fan of marquese. H is my inspiretion. I’m also a dancer. I want to meet with him

  10. flinch says:

    pumped up kicks, jaw droping video…marques scott i really wana dance like him

  11. baraka simba says:

    Yua are amizin wan guy

  12. baraka simba says:

    Yua cool

  13. yogesh says:

    marqueos you are an amazing man,and you are my inspiration iam following you daice style,my best dance video of yours is time control,dreamer dubstep.i wish if we meet some day,keep doing an amazing dance, bye

  14. samuel mugabe kenya says:

    yo dope men i like yo style am a dancer too bt u kill it

  15. khassak says:

    Any body Knows his Email address??
    I need sent him a message in private.

  16. Lesie kela says:

    I envy this guy hope one day I will be like him or more

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